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Nature is all around us, and making the best use of its abundance can help us lead a balanced lifestyle. Rice germ is the proof that a natural source can be an ideal solution for new great innovations.

RiziGerm® is an innovative nutritional ingredient made ​​from 100% rice germ. Its richness in natural vitamins and minerals makes it the ideal solution to increase the nutritional profile of processed food products.

Gluten free and with a pleasant taste, RiziGerm® can be taken directly to ensure a balanced supply of essential nutrients.


Rice germ is the fraction of the grain with the richest nutrient content. Rice germ contains 95% of the total tocopherols of the entire grain, a third of the oil content and most of the vitamins and minerals. The germ is only 1% of the total weight but contains 30% of the nutrients. Nutritionally, the germ is 40 times more concentrated in nutrients than the rest of the grain. Rice germ is a natural treasure that is one of the richest natural food in the world.


  • Biscuits and dietary biscuits
  • Industrial bakeries
  • Energy bars and drinks
  • Animal nutrition
  • And much more !

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A rice grain consists of a protective layer called hull, several outer layers (seed coat, nucellus, pericarp) that make up the bran, the endosperm which contains starch reserves, and the germ or embryo.

The rice hull is a real defense against external aggressions. It helps protect the grain, preserve its nutritional qualities, and extend its conservation.
Rice germ composition

Because of its richness in natural vitamins and minerals, RiziGerm® benefits from several positive claims from EFSA (nervous system, cardiovascular system, bone system, immunitary system...).

The nutritional quality of rice germ is increasingly recognized, making it a very interesting food to replace wheat germ and avoid gluten.